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Discover how to keep your business moving ahead with flexible HP Care Pack services. And you can also extend the duration of your warranty, expand the coverage and add extra protection to your HP product.

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Worry Less, Increase PC Uptime

Know that your hardware will be good as new as soon as possible thanks to our knowledgeable expertise and efficient service and support.

Worry Less, Increase PC Uptime

Know that your hardware will be good as new as soon as possible thanks to our knowledgeable expertise and efficient service and support.

Don’t let life’s little mishaps hold you back

The loss of productivity waiting for equipment to be repaired or replaced can be costly. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your Accidental Damage Protection1 covers spills, drops, falls and more on your HP products around the clock and around the world.

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When your hardware doesn’t work, you don’t either

HP Hardware Next Business Day Onsite Service, from remote diagnosis and onsite hardware support to replacement parts and materials, ensures that a trained technician will be at your location the next business day.

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Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS)

Persistence® technology by Absolute is already embedded in most HP devices. Activated by installing Absolute® Data & Device Security (DDS), it provides you with a self-healing, two-way connection with each device, giving you visibility and control of devices, data, and applications, even in the event of malicious or negligent user activity.2

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Retain Your Sensitive Data

Defective Media Retention (DMR) allows you to keep your hard drive if it is defective and requires replacement while under warranty. You maintain control of your sensitive data, and dispose of the defective media in a way that meets your security standards.

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Travel worry-free

Be protected against hardware failure while abroad with HP Next Business Day Hardware Support for Travelers3, which includes prompt and reliable remedial services with Next Business Day Onsite response as well as local language remote problem diagnosis and more.

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Need help finding the right HP Care Pack Services for your business needs?

Service levels and response times for HP Care Packs may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and limitations apply. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/cpc. HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of purchase. Customer may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.

  1. HP ADP offers limited claims up to the value of the product or full product replacement for your notebooks, all-in-one, desktop or tablet computer. United States Only.
  2. Persistence® technology by Absolute® is embedded in the firmware of the device in a dormant state, but is activated once customers purchase a subscription and activate with a license. Service may be limited. Check with Absolute for availability outside the U.S. Certain conditions apply. For full details: https://www.absolute.com/en/about/legal/agreements/absolute
  3. The Travel Care Pack limitations are as follows: HP requires that the customer return the failed unit to the original country of purchase if any repair event, including accidental damage protection, would require replacement of the device.
    If parts needed for the repair, especially specialized language-specific or country-specific parts, are not available, the customer has the following options: Postpone the request for the service unit the Customer has returned to the country where the product was originally purchased. Accept the replacement of the defective foreign part with a local part (for example, English/American keyboard).
    The docking station or port replicator is eligible for coverage within the host country where the Care Pack was purchased, but does not provide coverage when traveling outside the country of purchase.