“Having all our printers managed and serviced under Laser Product Technologies has made our IT department much more efficient. Our IT department does not have to worry about managing the printers in fourteen offices. Laser Products makes sure we are supplied with toner for all our printers and schedules maintenance when needed. Before, we had to call in each time there was a problem. Now most of the problems are fixed before we have to make that call. With Intelli-Print MPS we can manage our copy and print counts. By identifying the problem areas we can direct our efforts to reducing the amount of paper we use in printing and copying.”

Paul Bruha, Systems Coordinator, The Insurance Center

“Switching to the IntelliPRINT MPS has really allowed our credit union to streamline the toner ordering process to create more efficiencies throughout the organization. Toner ordering used to be someone’s task, now it is an efficient, automated process that allows for greater efficiency and we are never short a toner. It also helps to budget the monthly expense and we don’t have to try to “guesstimate” how much toner to have on hand.

LPT has always been very easy to work with and very reliable, but they went above and beyond when they switched out some older printers for newer models, at no cost to us, so the MPS would work correctly.

LPT has been very prompt and efficient with any servicing issue and it’s nice to know they are proactive instead of reactive.”

Angie Douglas, VP of Finance, Community Credit Union

“I just wanted to send a quick email to you to let you know how pleased we have been with the MPS (IntelliPRINT) system from Laser Product Technologies. Not only has it made my life easier managing and replacing toners, but our finance director loves the monthly usage reports. I have also had several staff members tell me how great it is for them to look at the sticker on the printer and be able to call themselves and have any issues taken care of so promptly. Overall, it has been one of the best technology related decisions our district has mad. Thanks for all you guys do.”

Jason O’Neil, Technology Director, Ellsworth Community School District

“We started using IntelliPRINT late 2010 and have had exceptional service with this program, the toners show up and get delivered to the right location, I don’t have to call or order them.

When there is a problem with a printer in a remote location or locally they call the 800 number give their asset tag number and it gets taken care of with no involvement from the IT dept.

Its been a very good program for us and has freed up valuable time in the IT dept here at W A Roosevelt. Thank you LPT”

Bruce Arenz, Network Administrator, W A Roosevelt

“McNeilus Steel, Inc. has been a customer of Laser Product Technologies for many years and we have always experienced excellent customer service. A little over a year ago, Laser Product Technologies offered us the option of using their managed print services product called IntelliPRINT. After some initial discussion with Laser Product Technologies we opted to give it a try. IntelliPRINT has been a very good addition to the services that Laser Product Technologies have given us, the software paired with Laser Product Technologies already excellent service has allowed us to see better the usage and costs of printing here at McNeilus Steel, Inc. It has also allowed us to achieve an increased level of service within our company and helped streamline consumable ordering and delivery, as well as reduce some of our internal accounts receivable costs. In whole, I believe it has been a win-win for both companies and has allowed our IT department more time to handle the larger issues we deal with each day and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on printer related tasks.”

Darren Boeck, IT Manager, McNeilus Steel, Inc.

“Prior to working with Laser Product Technologies, we monitored toner levels and purchased when needed. However sometimes an order was missed resulting in printer downtime. Also, we did not have any maintenance contract for the printers so mechanical issues could cause major headaches. Since signing up for LPT’s Managed Print Services program, we have lowered our toner costs significantly, and added maintenance on the machines right in the cost per page. Toner is shipped to us automatically when getting low, so no worries about running out, and the service technicians have been great. I would recommend Laser Product Technologies to any business looking to simplify their printer management.”

Mark Heinemann, Chief Financial Officer, Farmers State Bank of Hartland

“I wanted to send you an email to tell you how great of a job Greg, Ken, Mike ,Brent and Rosemary are doing for us at The Insurance Center. I really enjoy having the MPS in place and your people are always getting back to as soon as they can and are bending over backwards to get our printers back up and running. I have been here since December and the service that LPT provides is great and has really help me out multiple times. I like knowing I can call or email about an issue and it is taken care of or someone is working on it. With other companies I have worked with in the past you just don’t get the great customer service you provide. Thank you very much!”

Kevin Root, Network Administrator, The Insurance Center

“I’ve been working with LPT for about 8 years. Over this time, LPT has become a valued partner in our IT operation, not just a key vendor. With their MPS program, we’ve consolidated printers, reduced both hard and soft costs, and improved end-user satisfaction. They hang in there with me when I’ve got problems, and so far we’ve never had to raise the white flag with any problem. Thank you, Greg and Rebecca!”

Steven K. Kopp, Director of Information Technology, Hawkins, Ash, Baptie & Company, LLP